A kiss.


It was one fine evening and they are sitting together on a rooftop while looking at the stars one night. She lit his cigarette and uttered the word which sounded more of a demand than a request.

This happened.

2017 happened. I honestly can't decide if this year is amazing or absolute shit. Aside from this blog being born with my very own domain, I spent the first quarter of my year, trying to survive school by setting my alarm for every 15 minutes until it was time to wake up, and drag myself out of bed. The bad days were over until I finally got the courage to speak out and tell my parents that I'm losing my sanity and I don't want to wake up miserable again. I quit school. And that was the best decision that I've made. 

People's Paradise

In lieu of wet and cold Salzburg photos, I am (late) posting one of my beach trips with my best friend Jade. This was really not spontaneous but it was definitely unplanned.

Wow, that did not make any sense at all. Lol.

Okay, let me explain. It wasn't spontaneous in the sense that the idea didn't spring to our minds that morning and we decided to get on with it. Months before I went home, we were really planning on going out of town - just the two of us - for some good old bonding. It was just that we had no idea where to go. Finally, we talked about it over Messenger, decided when to go, but still never got to decide where to go.

Until the night of September 24, we were still arguing and did not seem to have a well polished plan. "Should we go to Guimaras? Ok but where in Guimaras? Tatlong Pulo? Or we can go to Roxas! No? What about Boracay? Still no? Okay te sige linte ma Villa Baybay nalang ta ah!" Hahahahahahahaha we are an exquisite waste of time to each other sometimes.

Basta, let's go. Anywhere. To any beach!

This time, I lost.

Our time, was something of our own. And that time ran out.
We had our run. This time, I lost.

xo, yaniee

This is where I leave you.

People tend to write a lot about their feelings of loneliness, anguish, despair, melancholy, nostalgia, etc. because it is always easy for some to let out their frustration into words. It is always convenient to either type or write words you cannot say to a person's face.

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