Send Nudes.

Today I thought of sharing with you my favorite go-to nude lipsticks. I'm not really a bold or dark lip color kind of girl because I think those would make me look intimidating and wearing them doesn't help "tame" how I look since my eyes tend to come out strong. So, I opt to wear nude ones. Whenever I decide to buy a lippie, I always choose nudes. So if any of you decides to give me anything make-up related, just send me nudes. 

It's okay, don't rush.

When I was 20, I thought I'd have my whole life figured out at 25. I thought I'd be married to the love of my life at 28. I thought I'd have my own family, and living the life at 30.

Life Lately: Knee (re)cap

So this is a photo of my post-op x-ray taken last week when I had my follow up check up.

Spring in full swing

Just sharing with you some photos and a few updates.

Spontaneous Fishing Trip

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