I give you my word.

Since I was younger, I’ve kept a lot of diaries. I would always write how my day went, my conversations with my crushes or even the fights I’ve had with my best friends. I came to love writing during the time when I also learned how much I love to read. I was fond of reading Sweet Valley Books since I was 8, and started collecting them at 10. The last time I counted, I’ve had 92 of them – from kids, twins, junior high, high, university, and special editions. (But sadly right now, I have less because I lost some of them.) The love I have to read books, pushed me to dream of actually becoming a writer during my elementary years where I used to tell myself, “Oh I’m going to take journalism when I reach college.”

Umm, nope. I became a nurse, which was nothing close to journalism or becoming a writer. (Except, well, we write our notes on our patients’ charts – which I know isn’t really counted. Lol) But don’t get me wrong. I love being a nurse.

I would say that I am the kind of person who expresses herself better by putting thoughts into words. So now, here I am again with a new blog name, wanting to give blogging another shot. I know I could be really busy with school as of the moment, but I really really want to keep a blog where I could post about my life, travels, music that I love, and other whatnots.

So yeah. This blog is still under construction but I’m really hoping I could fix things. Wish me luck. x

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