Look at your choices.

The amount of times I've talked, and thought about choices and making them is countless. I've gotten a lot of encouragements, and discouragements based on those that I made, and I am honestly knackered at the thought of the wrong ones I did and regretted, or the ones I've kept on doing just because I had to.

Begin again

I have arrived. Charot. Lol. I have been contemplating since last year on what platform to use for my new blog and after months of thinking about it, weighing pros and cons, I finally decided to stay with Blogspot. Admittedly, I also made a Wordpress account, but never got to use it well because I am more comfortable here, and how this works. But of course! I've been with Blogger since 2012 and I just hid my old blog because I figured I grew old, and grew up. Lol.

The Sunday Currently

I have been browsing random blogs for the past few days and I found ones that really piqued my interest because their blogs have a really nice content – of their travels, beauty reviews, and everything in between. Also, the pretty pictures of places from home makes me miss it so much! And then one thing made me think: Do they ever run out of things to write about? For some, maybe no, because they have a lot going on with their life. But I also believe that even though you have a lot going on,  there will be days where you won’t know what to blog about. That is why I think most bloggers find these prompts so interesting because it allows them to think of things to write about. Started by siddathornton, here I am jumping into the bandwagon of the The Sunday Currently club.


In every day of our separate lives, know that I am always, 
always looking forward to waking up one day, with you by my side.


I am the type of person who tends to daydream a lot especially when I am alone, which happens to be most of the time. Sometimes, I find myself thinking of certain situations, that I somehow wish would happen to me, and then try to make up dialogues in my head and/or form a short story. An excerpt. That is why I decided to make it a category on my blog, so that I can put my thoughts out here for the world to see. Lol. Actually, I've already written quite a few but lost some of it because I used to just write it over any loose paper I could find so it has the tendency to get lost. But now that I have this blog, I have no reason to lose them. I promise to put it here whenever I have time. In fact, I have one of those I wrote years ago, ready to be posted in a few days.

Mixtape Monday: Taste Rewind

This taste rewind playlist of some sort has been going on for quite a while now on Spotify and I was suddenly inspired to make my own. I've been listening to some of the 90s hits playlist there recently and I must admit that I have a love and hate relationship with it. I love it because these tunes give you such a nostalgic vibe and makes you remember a certain stage in your life, back to where everything was just really simple. And I hate it, because listening to these songs remind me of home and I MISS IT SO MUCH. This has been the longest two years away from home that I've ever been.

3 Years and a dozen

I’ve lived in the Philippines my whole life and never experienced traveling out of the country. And the first time I did, it was to live with my mom, here in Salzburg, Austria. I couldn’t quite believe it. To be honest, I never dreamt of living in Europe. Visit, yes. But live? Never. And boy, do I wonder what was wrong with me for not being able to even just fantasize about it. Lol.

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