Begin again

I have arrived. Charot. Lol. I have been contemplating since last year on what platform to use for my new blog and after months of thinking about it, weighing pros and cons, I finally decided to stay with Blogspot. Admittedly, I also made a Wordpress account, but never got to use it well because I am more comfortable here, and how this works. But of course! I've been with Blogger since 2012 and I just hid my old blog because I figured I grew old, and grew up. Lol.

I am so thankful for my best friends, Nelca, and Nonelyn for supporting me and helping me figure out stuff in order for me to feel legit. I was in class awhile ago while we were chatting and they both helped make this happen. This blog is now

And it's timely how I got my domain during spring, the season where leaves of the trees start to appear, and flowers start to bloom very fitting for a new beginning. CHAR. Arte. Hahaha. I hope I won't lose my streak and continue to (over)share my life here. And whoever's reading this, feel free to take a hitch!


  1. Yey welcome back to blogging! Hoping to see/read more here ��


    1. Yes, I'm so glad to be back! Hihi. Thank you so much bb! ❤


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