In every day of our separate lives, know that I am always, 
always looking forward to waking up one day, with you by my side.

Where kisses would be our wake up calls.
Hugs would be our good night language.
Holding hands would be a habit we can't get enough of,
and petty fights will be thought of as a joke 
because we can't stay mad at each other for a long time.

Where every day, will be our love making day.
Love in the form of making breakfast,
movie nights, morning coffees, and good books.
Listening to your favorite vinyl record,
cuddling on rainy days,
arguing over the little things,
fighting over who gets to have the larger slice of pizza 
because we want to give it to the other.
After work massages.
After sex cigarettes.
Sharing the same toothbrush,
stolen kisses, hugs from behind,
random dinner dates,
I miss yous out of nowhere,
and the list goes on and on
because every day with each other is "love" day.

No matter how worse our misunderstandings may get, 
we will always, always find each other, because that's where our hearts reside.

That's where we feel at home the most.

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