Mixtape Monday: Taste Rewind

This taste rewind playlist of some sort has been going on for quite a while now on Spotify and I was suddenly inspired to make my own. I've been listening to some of the 90s hits playlist there recently and I must admit that I have a love and hate relationship with it. I love it because these tunes give you such a nostalgic vibe and makes you remember a certain stage in your life, back to where everything was just really simple. And I hate it, because listening to these songs remind me of home and I MISS IT SO MUCH. This has been the longest two years away from home that I've ever been.

Also, I've been trying out how digital collage works and I'm still trying to get a hang of it. I'm really enjoying making them and I'm still on the process of gathering more portable network graphics so that I will have a lot to use and choose from. Thanks to Pinterest for some instant collage inspo which really helped me a lot.

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