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I have been browsing random blogs for the past few days and I found ones that really piqued my interest because their blogs have a really nice content – of their travels, beauty reviews, and everything in between. Also, the pretty pictures of places from home makes me miss it so much! And then one thing made me think: Do they ever run out of things to write about? For some, maybe no, because they have a lot going on with their life. But I also believe that even though you have a lot going on,  there will be days where you won’t know what to blog about. That is why I think most bloggers find these prompts so interesting because it allows them to think of things to write about. Started by siddathornton, here I am jumping into the bandwagon of the The Sunday Currently club.


  • Reading – My notes. I'm trying to absorb as many information as I can even though I've lost motivation already.
  • Writing – On my notes as well. Highlighting and whatnots.
  • Listening – To this Sunday Playlist on Spotify which pretty much plays a bunch of classic songs, making me miss our Sunday routine back in the Philippines. (The Carpenter's Love Me For What I Am is playing now)
  • ThinkingOf next week’s class schedule, and a whole lot of shit I need to get done but don't have the drive to do it.
  • SmellingLike someone who just got out of a long bath. I just did.
  • WishingThat I can pack my bags and magically go home.
  • Loving – This blog?! Lol I love how it looks and I am so thankful to Kai for giving me this theme.
  • WantingEither a new laptop, camera, or a vacation somewhere here in Europe. Better yet, GO HOME.
  • NeedingMotivation for school. Seriously.
  • FeelingAs corny as it sounds - sad. I feel sad and I've been battling with a lot of my inner demons lately because my personal choices in life is catching up on me, making me question a lot of things.
This TSC isn't really made up of anything positive, and I'm sorry. Putting these out here just made me feel a lot better because it's as if I'm talking to someone and pouring my heart out at how much I am lowkey tired. I just hope better days will come.

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