A day in Wien.

Today was very interesting. We went to the University of Vienna (previously known as Vienna General Hospital) and to Narrenturm (Fool's Tower), located just near the campus, which used to be Europe's oldest accommodation for mental patients during the 19th century. I had to google that while we were on the train because I honestly had no idea what that is. 

This is what part of the campus ground looks like. 

I did not take photos that much because the tour was pretty much fast paced and I don't want to look like an arse in front of people I'm with by trying to snap some pictures and not listen to our guide. Anyway... the tour to the Narrenturm is what I was looking forward to. Funny how I came to realize just now, why it's called a "Fool's Tower" - because it used to be a lunatic asylum. They didn't even try hard to be discreet. Lol. 

Narrenturm today is a Pathologic-Anatomical Museum. We saw a lot of jars with fetuses having deformities, skeletons, waxed figures of a person's body parts, and their organs, affected by certain diseases. It was so interesting for me, although I was a bit disappointed that we cannot stay long enough to watch and stare at each of them. The tour didn't take long, and after that, we had lunch at 3PM and then we had the liberty to go wherever we want and go home at whatever time we desire. My friend and I decided to stroll at Mariahilferstraße, the city's longest shopping street. Fortunately, it was also located near the train station so we exhausted our legs from walking until we felt it was time to go home. And oh! I took out a bucket of hot chicken wings from KFC, and brought it to Salzburg too! Lol. My March have its shares of ups and downs and now I am quite excited to go back to the hospital and start another round of practicum in the upcoming months. Below are just random photos I took while we were walking around.

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