Mixtape Monday: Chill

I (kind of) hate the word chill. But there is no other way that I can describe these set of songs I listen to, whenever I need to get something off my mind. Like the type where I can zone out and feel things other than be stressed. 

And I know posting stuff here doesn't help lessen the amount of work that I need to do because instead of being productive, here I am making this. But hey you know what they say: The time you enjoyed wasting isn't wasted time. Lol what a puny excuse for a lazy arse. 

It's Monday again and for me, I have another 12-hour shift ahead which means I really have to sleep but then my priorities are obviously messed up so I find myself here again. I can't decide if I should name this series Mixtape Monday or Music Monday? Help? And am I allowed to post on other days too? Or only on Mondays, because duh. Why is this my problem? Hahaha okay I really need to sleep. This post probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I'm honestly sleepy and it's pretty late which means in the morning, I'll regret that I stayed up. Don't be like me. Char. I bet you already are. 
Have an awesome week ahead you guys! 

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