Steal my sunshine.

The next few months will be hectic for me and even by just thinking about it makes my knees go weak and my heart sort of panics because I honestly have no idea how to survive it. But I just try to focus, and allow myself to go and grow with the flow. 

I have this awful habit of not letting myself be stressed over stuff and it is bad because it makes me super lazy and indifferent. I can see people around me cramming and pressuring themselves and I'd be just sitting on the side, muttering "Whatever", all calm and trying to stop myself from rolling my eyes. And things doesn't usually go well after that and even though it doesn't, I still act chill. I am a recipe for disaster please don't be like me. 

So other than the school stuff, I also try to keep up with this blog and/or catch up with the series I usually watch. I'm also watching a new one called 13 Reasons Why, and it's so good! That's just some quick update. Spring has finally arrived and I love seeing more greens, and blue skies whenever I go out of the house. Also cannot hide the fact how wearing more comfortable clothes makes me so damn happy. Took these photos yesterday at around 6 or 7 PM when I went out with my mom for a stroll. She told me I look so chinese. She then uploaded some of our photos on Facebook and my tita commented that I look korean, and my cousin also said I look japanese.


It's Monday today and fortunately, I'm spending this extra rest day to be extra lazy in bed. My practicum officially starts tomorrow and I hope it goes well! x


  1. Just found out that you blog! Omg looks incredible ��

    1. Hi Mea! Not as incredible as yours but thank youuu! :)


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