Last Saturday, I got a bit bored so I went out and took a walk at Linzergasse, one of the most popular streets with a lot of quaint handicraft shops, restaurants, and hostels here in Salzburg.

In Denim (of) Love

Grabe on a scale of 1 to Yaniee, how corny can you get with your puns? HAHAHA. K. These were taken in two of probably my not-so-secret "favorite" parts of the Mirabell Garden. The Heckentheater  and the Zwergerlgarten. I like going here just because this mini-maze isn't flocking with tourists. Don't get me wrong: MIRABELL GARDEN is AMAZING as it is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens of Europe. That's just my anti-social self, talking because I sometimes shy myself away from crowds, though I know I can always pretend to be a tourist, pose and try to get my photo taken. Nobody will know I've been here a gazillion times anyway. An exaggeration, of course. Maybe a million times lang. Charrr.

Bedroom Talk

She turned around to face him, and asked casually, "How did you know you love me?"

Life Update: Quitting

 *Note: I just want you to know that this is the second time I am writing this blog because the first time I did, I was smart enough to type on Notepad, ate my dinner, left my laptop alone, and didn’t realize it re-started on its own. Perfect. So now I am frustrated while typing this because I can’t seem to remember what I wrote. But I will try to make it as good as my original one. So here goes...

Mixtape Monday: Coffee and Cigarettes

Day 1 and first Monday of the month of May. Here's a playlist for y'all. Why Coffee and Cigarettes? My favorite from this set, Clara Benin's voice is so soothing to the ears and has this perfect cafe vibe/feel to it. So I instantly thought of "coffee". And what do people usually pair their coffee with? Cigarettes of course. No? Or teka wait. Newspaper ba dapat? Pandesal? Char. Lol. I just thought it was cool to name it like that. And OH!!! I just remembered now that EWWM also had a playlist series named like this too! I've always loved Ellie's Mixtapes! I miss it.

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