In Denim (of) Love

Grabe on a scale of 1 to Yaniee, how corny can you get with your puns? HAHAHA. K. These were taken in two of probably my not-so-secret "favorite" parts of the Mirabell Garden. The Heckentheater  and the Zwergerlgarten. I like going here just because this mini-maze isn't flocking with tourists. Don't get me wrong: MIRABELL GARDEN is AMAZING as it is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens of Europe. That's just my anti-social self, talking because I sometimes shy myself away from crowds, though I know I can always pretend to be a tourist, pose and try to get my photo taken. Nobody will know I've been here a gazillion times anyway. An exaggeration, of course. Maybe a million times lang. Charrr.

I went out with my friend last Saturday (13/05) and took advantage to have my photo taken at Mirabell's Heckentheater or Hedge Theater. It's an "open theater" and as you've seen on one photo there are benches because I think people use this to perform during summer. It also has a hedge maze and I remember 4 years ago, seeing it for the first time made me feel as if I was in a Triwizard Tournament. Lels. 

The other one is the Zwergerlgarten or Dwarf Garden which contains statues of dwarfs. I've read before that some of the statues of the gnomes were real people, and that they were arranged in dresses of peasants or nationalities. The gnomes now are incomplete because the garden had been renovated but nonetheless, it's still a popular place to visit.

I am starting to feel the legit summer heat and I don't want to complain because I'm honestly happy I can wear less clothes now. Only downside is that we don't have beaches and I'm dyinggg to be in one. Seeing photos of it from my friends back home makes me long for it more. Ugh. Soon, maybe. Soon. :)

P.S. The photo of the dwarf above was a film photo. You can see on the lower right that it was taken last September 2013. Hihi. I didn't get photos of it last Saturday because there was a construction on-going near the garden.


  1. The place is so pretty--love the HP reference! I would love to shoot there; I can already think of Alice in Wonderland spin-off costumes, hahaha. I could see why you keep coming back.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

    1. Hahaha! Louise! Fellow Harry Potter lovers will get my reference. ;) Oh, Alice in Wonderland sounds good too! It is beautiful and I don't think I'll ever get tired of this place. <3


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