Last Saturday, I got a bit bored so I went out and took a walk at Linzergasse, one of the most popular streets with a lot of quaint handicraft shops, restaurants, and hostels here in Salzburg.

While walking around, passing along shops and not going inside, I saw the stairway leading to Kapuzinerberg. So out of the blue, I just decided to go up there, alone. The thing about hills or mountains here is that they have well-polished roads or walkways that make it easier for a lot of people to visit because it is considered a tourist spot where people can get an amazing panoramic view of the old town or city.

There are actually "Passionstations" or 6 small "chapels" displaying scenes from Passion of the Christ upon going up the stairway. I had company the first time I went here last 2015 with two of my friends, so during that time I managed to see some part of the hill like the Capuchin Monastery, and Mozart's Monument. We also saw wooden stairs which we had no idea where it leads and ends because we were too tired to explore it and maybe, we were also kind of a bit scared of the forestry vibe and as it was already sundown.

Anyway, since I was alone, I decided to go only at one part of the hill which I am thankful that no one was around, Instagram story-d it, and sat on the bench for a little while. The wind was chilly and I felt a little cold even though it was 16 degrees and I was wearing a denim jacket so I decided to go down after a couple of hours.

These are just the few photos I took while I was up there. 


  1. The place looks lovely! It's like a mix of historical/modern architecture. Everything looks instagrammable! Are you based in Austria for good?

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Hello Ochi! Yes it is lovely indeed! <3 Yupp I've been here 3 years and only goes home to the Philippines for vacations. :)

  2. Waaa I'm missing my Austira so much :( do you speak German too? Looking at these photos makes me wanna go back.


    1. Hello Eivry! :) Yes, I speak a bit of German. :) I hope you can go here again soon! Austria has a lot of beautiful places I have yet to visit! <3

  3. Nice views Yanie



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