Mixtape Monday: Coffee and Cigarettes

Day 1 and first Monday of the month of May. Here's a playlist for y'all. Why Coffee and Cigarettes? My favorite from this set, Clara Benin's voice is so soothing to the ears and has this perfect cafe vibe/feel to it. So I instantly thought of "coffee". And what do people usually pair their coffee with? Cigarettes of course. No? Or teka wait. Newspaper ba dapat? Pandesal? Char. Lol. I just thought it was cool to name it like that. And OH!!! I just remembered now that EWWM also had a playlist series named like this too! I've always loved Ellie's Mixtapes! I miss it.

Notice how everything in this list are coming from Filipino indie artists/bands which I like. That is how random I am sometimes with the type of music/artists I listen to. I admit it's not my habit to actually listen to them regularly but once I get to have the chance, and come across their songs, I really do like them.

Anyway, can I just say that this Mixtape Monday series is probably the one I'm committed to doing every once in a while - if not regularly because it lets me discover or makes me listen to "new" songs. Plus, I enjoy making a digital collage out of it lol. Do you listen to them too? What do you think?

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  1. you can try think i know by banna harbera.


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