Großglockner Hoch Alpenstraße

* A little information before anything else:  ß is read as letter S and not B. When capitalized, it is written as SS. Also, my title post is just the german translation of  high alpine road.

Last year at around September, I had a short vacation at my godmother’s house in Saalfelden. It is a town that is approximately two hours away from Salzburg by bus. I went there days before my birthday and my Ninang was nice enough to plan a trip for us to go to Großglockner, the highest mountain pass road in the Eastern Alps of Austria. Before we went there, my Ninang warned and told me that the road going up there isn't easy because I might get dizzy as it is 48 kilometers long, and there is about 36 road bends that we have to go through until we reach our destination. Well, she was right. I did get dizzy. Lol. 

Thankfully, we took a few stops whenever we reached some high points and got to capture how amazing the view from above is.

I was with my Ninang and her daughter's boyfriend, Martin. We didn't pay for the entrance because Martin fortunately knew the people working there. I'm not entirely sure but I think they worked on the same firm so he just showed his ID and then we're good to go.

This is Fuscher Törl  (2,428m) one if the high points that you can't miss because the flags of EU countries serves as a landmark. There are actually few people right behind me taking a photo of the same view. :)

Edelweiss-Spitze (2,571m) is also one of the highest point where we can take a good look at the amazing view of the mountains. Meanwhile, Edelweisshütte is an inn and at the same time, a restaurant where people can stay and eat just in case they get hungry in the middle of a long drive.

This is probably one of my favorite photos because the clouds covering the mountains gave me chills (literally too because it was cold up there). It was such a fantastic view! And look at those road bends  we had to go through I MEAN who wouldn't get woozy?! Lol 

Kaiser-Franz-Josefs Höhe - NO WORDS. This place just made me forget how nauseous I felt after all those bends and I can absolutely say it's all worth it! This is our final stop so we parked our car, and ate at a restaurant nearby. We also took a look at a museum that spans 4 floors -- there is an automobile exhibition (the highest one in the world!) and a display of ice and glaciers, a rock and ice adventure path, and an Alpenliebe art exhibit.

We did a short hike on the way to a glass architecture which is called the Wilhelm Swarovski Observation Tower. On our way there, we saw these furry inhabitants called Murmeltierre or Marmots. They said that these animals make the whistling sound that you hear there. One tourist actually came near and fed this one. 

To be honest, if given the chance to go back here again, I would. Or maybe even vlog about it! Even though I don't like the idea of going through those road curves again because it honestly made me nauseous and felt like my head's spinning. I don't know why but riding a bus or car here makes me feel that way which I find so weird because I don't mind going on road trips back home in the Philippines. :( But anyway, seeing these photos make me remember how much the view is all worth it.

 This photo served as my wallpaper for months. Here's another photo of Austria's tallest mountain. 


  1. I haven't heard the place but it is amazingly beautiful! :)

    1. I mean, thank you, yes IT IS beautiful! Much more beautiful in photos. ❤️

  2. The photos are so beautiful! the trip was worth it.

    1. Thank you Alissa! ❤️ Yes it really is worth it.


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