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Last February, I went to Tulln, a town in the lower state of Austria, together with my Ninang from Saalfelden and her daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie is two years younger than me and boy, this girl has so much fascination with motorbikes. In fact, she drives one herself and if I remembered right, the one she has now is the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR which (for me) is massive and I cannot even imagine how she can handle riding it.

Every year, there is a bike exhibit held in Tulln and Stephanie and her mom asked me to tag along with them. The place is huge and it was a nice experience to see few classic cars and lots of great motorcycles which you can also try out for yourself. Stephanie, of course, was getting lost, not knowing where to look and enjoyed it a lot. Here are some photos I took at the exhibit: 

We stayed there the whole morning and even though (admittedly) it wasn't my kind of scene, I still enjoyed seeing all those bike enthusiasts ogle at the displays. Lol. The last photo is where we had our lunch and after that, we headed back home.

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