Gaisberg is one of the mountains that you will easily recognize because it has the huge transmitter or antenna of ORF -- the largest media group in TV, radio, and web here in Salzburg. My mom and I decided to go there last June 19 just to relax for a bit since we usually hit the malls during our free time. 

How to get there: My mom and I went in front of the Mirabell Square or Mirabell Garden and waited at the bus stop for Bus #151 that'll bring you directly to Gaisberg. One way trip will cost you €3,50, and it will take you 45 minutes to get there. I also heard and read before that you can also hike the mountain if you want and the 5 km hike usually takes an hour - which I think will also depend on the hikers. Other people also go mountain biking to get there.

Gaisberg is also the location where some people usually go paragliding which I wanted to try when we got there but (as usual) chickened out the last minute. I love being there because it is calming, and if you're someone who enjoys being alone, then just by walking around or sitting anywhere with the view of Salzburg, you'll surely like it there. You also don't need to worry about getting hungry because there is a restaurant up there called Kohlmayer Gaisbergspitz.

I wanted to stay there and wait for the sunset, but the bus going back to the city is only until 8 PM and the sun sets usually at half past 9 so that kinda bummed me out a bit. 

But nevertheless, I had a good time going there with my mom because we badly needed that away from the city break.


  1. Breath taking view! ^.^
    I think it's a good place to unwind.

    1. It really is! Thanks for dropping by too, March. <3


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