Just a quick blog update because I wasn't really planning on looking over my computer screen during my entire stay here. After waiting for so damn long, and keeping my excitement to myself, I can finally say it:


Surprised my family by randomly showing up at our doorstep at 7 in the morning, last Thursday, August 31. The entire household was shocked and teary eyed to see me. Hahaha <3 I also casually surprised two of my best friends who had absolutely no idea I'm here that they ended up cursing at me. Lol. 

Two years and a lot has changed. The streets to our town was unrecognizable, but so much better. While I was in the car with my brother on our way to the city, I was laughing the whole time because he ended up introducing places to me like it was my first time to be here. I was so amused but I told him to stop. I still know my way (I think), but it's just that the last time I was here, there were no Iloilo Business Park, no Robinson's Jaro, no Festive Walk yet. There were no I-don't.know-what-else-is-new-here yet. Iloilo looked so new to me but still so much beautiful. I am finally hearing noisy jeepney sounds, seeing familiar faces, and beautiful sunset hues. I get more hugs and kisses from people I haven't seen for a long time.
My heart is happy. I am finally home.

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