Mixtape Monday: Pity Party

Back to my Mixtape Monday series because my heart  head's probably close to exploding since I've been listening to these songs on repeat just to feed my wounded ego. LOL

Life Lately: Autumn Mood

 I have a love and hate relationship with the cold weather.

Well, more on hate because I obviously grew up in a tropical country where the only seasons I knew were wet and dry, and where people don't really check and dress according to the temperature or weather forecast.

You are not alone.

Just a few ramblings I needed to get out of my system.

Fuck you for breaking my heart.

Sometimes, my emotions tend to overflow and last night was one of those nights where I somewhat can't take it all in any longer. I was listening to my pity party playlist, subtly crying myself to sleep (no shame) and suddenly, I feel like I wanted to explode. I stopped myself, took out my phone and typed on my Notes instead. Here it is. Just another breakdown from my reverie.

Birthday Blog: Wait, I'm 29?!

So I turned 29, last September 18 - three weeks ago. Last year in my 20s and I totally didn't expect it will leave me with so much nostalgia up to now.

I hate ü, I love ü

"You chose him."
"Yeah. That is because I know you will never choose me."

What a way to start our story.

Gigantes Islands

I actually thought this planned getaway won't push through because it was raining the whole week prior to this trip. But thank goodness the heavens listened to me and gave me a wonderful advanced birthday gift: a chance to go to the beach with my friends, and a sunny weather. Lol.

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