Birthday Blog: Wait, I'm 29?!

So I turned 29, last September 18 - three weeks ago. Last year in my 20s and I totally didn't expect it will leave me with so much nostalgia up to now.

Look at these awesome people I got to celebrate my birthday with: Guia, Choi, Mona, Elrey, Joseph, Dana, Jat, Nicole, Nelca, Jade, Neil, Nikki, Gob, Meg, and JV <3

I'm someone who isn't big on celebrations and being surprised, ever since. Birthdays weren't really a big deal to me for years because I used to just celebrate it with having dinner with only my family along with friends and social media people greeting me left and right.

Now, where do I start? Since I'm only on vacation for a month, I sure didn't let my birthday pass without spending it with my family. We had dinner and I relished on every food I devoured (lol) and every conversation we had at the table. The following night, I had dinner with my favorites - Jade, Neil, and Oyen. They surprised me with another cake accompanied with a bunch of waiters singing the birthday song which left me pretty embarrassed and touched at the same time. (I don't know how to react to surprises! HAHA) Weekend came and I had this planned birthday party where I invited my friends to spend it with me. You know how sometimes, we get along with different sets of people but you don't spend time with them merged together because they might not get along with each other? Figured I might as well take that chance since it was my birthday after all. And they have me as their "common denominator" so I thought to myself, "of course they will get along!". And man, I had an awesome time. My high school buddies prepared a small program where each get to introduce themselves, where we met, and some shared experiences they got to have with me. IT WAS SO CUTE OMG. The one topic that riled everyone up was probably talking about my non-existent sex life. (or so they thought. wahahahaha chos lang) I'M KIDDING. But seriously I got so much shit from them about it. LOL. Then on my last week, I went out again with my friends and after dinner, they surprised me with a going away cake and they each gave me presents. I'm teary-eyed just thinking about it. I HAVE THE SWEETEST FRIENDS. 

Anyway, I'm not Miss Congeniality but what I sure have as friends are the ones that I've been with through a lot, milestones or downfalls. I know in my heart, that these people, names mentioned above, will have my back always and loves me (hehe) as much as I love them. 

So, aside from the resolutions we make during New Years, they say birthdays also give you another room for change to happen in your life. A year older, a year wiser, yeah? Now here I am, reminiscing what I've been through in the past and thinking how the fuck did I survive all those?! I'm still armed with anxiety on the challenges, failures, and triumphs I will go through and experience at the same time. But I know that (aside from family) my gangs will be there all the way :)

It was an A M A Z I N G September.

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