Gigantes Islands

I actually thought this planned getaway won't push through because it was raining the whole week prior to this trip. But thank goodness the heavens listened to me and gave me a wonderful advanced birthday gift: a chance to go to the beach with my friends, and a sunny weather. Lol.

Since I was on vacation, I had a lot in my mind that I haven't really thought through about this trip, and I thank my best friend Nelca that she planned this for us. (Love you, Nelc!)

Coincidentally, my father has an out of town work trip to Carles that day, so we were lucky enough that we got a ride. We left the house at around 5 AM, arrived at the port 8 AM, managed to squeeze in some breakfast and booked a trip to the island at around 9 AM.

We stayed at Arjan Beach Resort, and we arrived there at around 11 AM just in time for us to get settled in our room and have lunch. Then, we started with our island hopping at around 1 PM.

That's Guia, Nelca, and me. We had grapes as baon lol something Nelca devoured the most. Haha.

First stop, is the famous and most photographed island, Cabugao Gamay. We heard that during summer, there are actually long lines of people trying to get a photo here. We were lucky enough we kind of had this place all to ourselves when we went there.

I mean... I JUST HAD TO. Lol

Told ya, we kind of had this place to ourselves. And I love that the weather is perfectly hot for me which I really missed.

Second island stop is at Bantigue Island, one that's famous for its wide stretch of sandbar in the middle of the ocean. There were a few people already swimming in this island but we chose to just roam around and take photos.

The also famous Tangke Lagoon is supposed to be in our itinerary but it was unfortunately "closed" that time for some reason. Bummer. That's why this third island where we went (I forgot what its called) was added on our itinerary to make up, or as a replacement for the lagoon. We swam there along with the other island hoppers that's why we didn't take a lot of photos here. (Actually, there's honestly nothing much to see here anyway)

Antonia Island is our final stop and it was very beautiful. We took photos there, and rested for a while before we head back to our resort.

The next morning, we woke up at 6 and had breakfast right away. Then, we left at 7 to visit the Lighthouse and the Bakwitan Cave with our tour guide James. Aside from the beach, my second favorite part of this trip was riding the motorcycle on our second day. Lol. It just gave me a weird, unexplainable feeling, something that I never knew I missed.

Sorry, I don't have photos of us when we went to the cave because we look all sweaty and tired. Lol.  We were back at the resort at around 10, just in time for us to have a little rest, and eat lunch, pack our bags and go home. To end this blog, here's a photo of the beautiful sunset on our first day.

AND HEY, I also tried to vlog about it so here's a video if you guys wanna see. :)

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