I hate ü, I love ü

"You chose him."
"Yeah. That is because I know you will never choose me."

What a way to start our story.

I knew from the start that I can never have your heart. 
But we share this instant connection that not even the cosmos can explain.
I look at you, and you are already looking at me.
And then our faces were instantaneously painted with coy smiles.

Each time we were together, 
each mental conversations that we had,
every secret smiles that we shared,
every kiss that felt like it was our last,
I took them to heart because I know this fleeting feeling will someday be gone.
And will just become a memory.


Memories where the back of our hands will slightly brush  
and will eventually intertwine that it just fits perfectly.
Memories where we would talk about stuff that only our silly humor can understand.
We would tease, mock, and pretend to hate each other.
But then, would laugh about those moments.


Moments where we would talk about your favorite hobby.
Or hide our beers by the bushes.
Moments where we would cuddle that I almost wished 
we didn't have to hide doing that.
And my favorite moment was when you drunkenly told me that you love me.
I lived for those moments. Those were only ours (or mine) to keep.
The kind where I thought I'd never felt this way about anyone, but I did. 

And the moment when I didn't even noticed you were sitting beside me.
That was the first time I laid my eyes on you,
I just knew.
I was meant to meet you.
I was meant to love you.

But we were never meant to be together.

Note: This excerpt has been sitting on my drafts for months and it is just now that I decided to add and edit some stuff and publish it. It still hurts reading this. Lol.

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