Life Lately: Autumn Mood

 I have a love and hate relationship with the cold weather.

Well, more on hate because I obviously grew up in a tropical country where the only seasons I knew were wet and dry, and where people don't really check and dress according to the temperature or weather forecast.

Just thought of writing a quick life lately update for this blog. It has been a rough three weeks for me since I arrived from my amazing vacation. Rough because I've been out of myself, feeling down and the gloomy disposition of the weather isn't really helping at all. I'd much rather stay home and engross myself in my silly thoughts than go out and pretend there is nothing wrong. Lol. I hate myself sometimes. 

Anyway, on a positive note, I got my working permit last week and I am happy to say that I start working on November. YAY. Although I am both scared and excited for this new endeavor, I also cannot wait to make myself busy and get my mind off of things that's been bothering me. Things that aren't really worth sulking for because you know well that you can't change the way it should be. Sigh.

I also temporarily deactivated my Facebook to hibernate and make myself rethink of my choices, reflect, and learn from it.

I hope everything is going well in your end.

xo, Yan

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