You are not alone.

Just a few ramblings I needed to get out of my system.

I've been slightly off the hook these past few days. My mind's in an adrift, questioning myself and everyone around me. It's hard getting lost in my thoughts midday and/or sometimes, suddenly crying in the middle of the night because of one trail of thought. One trail that dispersed unending and unanswered questions. I've never felt this heartbroken since 2011. I never thought I'd love someone this much either. It's just unfortunate he doesn't feel the same way about me. 

But that's okay. I don't think I really need him anyway. 

Sometimes, there are lonely people who just wanna vent out anywhere on social media but doesn't really want to talk about it when asked. And then on other times, some vent as a subtle cry for help/needing someone to talk to. Either way, a simple positive reinforcement would come a long way for those people. Not sure if I'm the former or the latter but hey, I always believe what we are going through right now, may either make us or break us, and we will definitely come out stronger in the long run. I always believe that we aren't given anything we cannot handle. And most of all, I always believe that HIS plans are always better than ours. 

So "lift your head, baby don't be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way. You'll get by with a smile, you can't win at everything but you can try." :)

xo, Yan

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