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People tend to write a lot about their feelings of loneliness, anguish, despair, melancholy, nostalgia, etc. because it is always easy for some to let out their frustration into words. It is always convenient to either type or write words you cannot say to a person's face.

I always tell myself to write more when I'm happy. So that when I feel a little down, I can look back and read about those little things in hopes that it can make me smile. But that's not always the case. And I think it's because when you're happy, you would rather enjoy and engulf yourself in the moment. It may be because happiness is such a broad concept that when we feel joy, we cannot entirely find the right words to describe it.

But that's just my opinion. I'm not saying people cannot write when they're happy. Of course we can. We can write about our sappy love stories, our extraordinary travel adventures and misadventures, and a whole lot more. It's just that we are more inclined to write more when we are sad, because seeing our feelings in words gives us a sense of comfort. People may read what we wrote or not, but it's reassuring to put out what we feel, and vent whether or not there will be someone who listens. 

Anyway, I seem to contradict myself, no? I'm not even sure if I'm making complete sense right now. Guess I'm just looking for an excuse to justify why my previous posts are about a recent heartbreak (ugh I hate that word) that I had. Sad. Frustrating. Desperate. 

But just like everyone else, life goes on. I'll pull through. I'll get over it.

xo, Yaniee

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