This happened.

2017 happened. I honestly can't decide if this year is amazing or absolute shit. Aside from this blog being born with my very own domain, I spent the first quarter of my year, trying to survive school by setting my alarm for every 15 minutes until it was time to wake up, and drag myself out of bed. The bad days were over until I finally got the courage to speak out and tell my parents that I'm losing my sanity and I don't want to wake up miserable again. I quit school. And that was the best decision that I've made. 

And then I waited. For months. It was a test of patience but believe me, my faith did not fail me. These little things started to happen: I got a permit to finally work. And then, I got accepted to the work I've applied for. But visa processing takes at least 5 weeks, so instead of being a bum here, my mom allowed me to go home — for my birthday. Best. gift. EVER.

Now, don't get me started of telling you guys the story of how great my vacation was. I grew up with strict parents so imagine how ecstatic I felt when my father was so relaxed, and allowed me to do whatever I want. Four years ago, I was often told to go home before 6 PM. But lo, and behold, this time, 6 PM was the time I leave the house. Everyday. I have my father to thank for the amazing vacation I had because he allowed me to do whatever I want and go wherever I want.

The happiest moments I had this 2017 definitely outnumber the bad but I hate to admit that there are times that the one bad thing that happened, can easily stir up with the happy ones that I tend to forget I HAD A LOT TO BE HAPPY ABOUT. I know my perception can sometimes fuck my feelings up but I thank my friends for bringing me back to my sanity always. I'm never a fan of resolutions so I'm cutting the crap and not say the "new year, new me" bullshit because I know I'll still be the old me, (lol) and I know I may repeat my mistakes because I'm stubborn and stupid. BUT I also know it will help make me grow and learn as a person. 

To the friends I made and the new friends I will make. To the places I've been, and the ones I plan to travel to. To the one that hurt me and I keep allowing to hurt me again. LOL. To my friends who stayed, and stuck with me. To the future travels, experiences, mistakes, stupidity and money that I will make. Hahaha!

To more trials and downfalls that I will endure. But most importantly, to more wisdom, patience, perseverance, courage, and faith that I will build for myself.

This year has been a beautiful mess.


xx, Yaniee

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