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Imagine me making this blog post on Valentine's Day, with a glass of champagne on my bedside table, and simultaneously listening to a bunch of sappy love songs on Spotify. I don't even know why I decided to drink a glass of champagne today, but I just feel like I want to.  Coincidentally, today also marks the third week of me being temporarily disabled since the accident. And reality check? Fortunately, my sanity is still intact.

Named this post "Watchlist" because that is what I've been doing recently. Being on house arrest for the longest time, I had to kill the boredom by watching series, Instagram stories of people, and scrolling through my twitter feed. Then I discovered I had these photos which were taken back home and I wanna cry. Why? I miss my knee.  HAHAHA. Seeing my photos and other people's photos and looking at their knees is lowkey becoming a habit. Lol. I can say I have sort-of adjusted to my situation, and I haven't taken pain meds for days now which really means that my wound doesn't hurt as much as it did before.

What else? I also try to catch up with watching the usual series like Supergirl, The Good Doctor, The Flash, Arrow, Dynasty, How To Get Away with Murder, & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Some of them are in their midseason finale already so that means I have nothing to watch until March. Good thing I started watching Scandal. I know, I KNOW! This shit is soooo good I can't believe I'm late to the party. 

Anyway, these are just some rambles and also because seeing these pictures made me miss home AGAIN though I'm (still) thinking if I wanted to go this year or the next. We'll see. 

Sorry (not sorry) for the mosquito bites you can see on my legs right there, guys. Hahaha. 31 na sila kabilog, promise gin fiestahan ko sang lamok pagpuli ko. 

Btw, what do YOU guys like to watch? Care to share? Oh, and again, 
H A P P Y    V A L E N T I N E S   D A Y!

love, yaniee

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