How To Really Know Someone : Vol III

So I got bored and answered 8 more.

A convertible car and Matcha powder

 It was nighttime, and there’s three of us riding a convertible car. I don’t know where we were headed. I just know we’re in for a ride. One friend of mine is driving, then there’s us, at the backseat. We were happily exchanging silly jokes about each other and singing along random songs playing on the radio. I was happy and scared at the same time. I just don’t exactly know why. But I didn’t seem to care because I was with you. Then out of nowhere, you offered me a Matcha powder. You asked me to take it and help myself. And you told me you’ll have some with me. I looked at you weirdly and you gave me the smile that you always give when you're up to something. But since I trust you, I grinned and took the powder to my mouth. You did the same.

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