Spring in full swing

Just sharing with you some photos and a few updates.

Spontaneous Fishing Trip

Do I ever learn?

It was raining and I was on my way to our classroom. The hallways were flooded but my wet feet don’t seem to mind. “I’m almost there” I muttered under my breath. I saw one familiar face, an old teacher who I can’t remember the name, sweeping the water out of the hallway but I didn’t mind her as I passed by. Not that I’m a snob but because I was too shy to say hello. “There it is,” I told myself as I came near the room. Whoops. I thought I was late for class but I guess I was wrong because there were only three people in the room.  Where's everyone else? It must be because of the weather that the others were not around yet. “Hello.” I greeted them as I went in. It was Lencie and D (I can’t mention her real name because we don’t talk to each other anymore) and one guy that I can't remember who. “Hi Yaniee! I already contacted our interviewee and she agreed to talk to us at 9 AM, on Friday.” D cheerfully said as I sat down. “Oh okay,” I answered back. So, we are doing this thing again. This thing where we get other people involved in one of our school projects and wait... Friday morning? That means we’re going out of class. Hmm, maybe I should go a little early so I can buy the group some Jollibee for snacks. Are burgers okay?... I thought as my eyes surveyed the room and my mind continued to wander elsewhere.

Looking back

It can be quite thought-provoking when you are left alone most of the time. And since I can't make future plans explicitly because it is uncertain when my knee will heal, all I'm left with is reminiscing and letting nostalgia consume me in ways that are making me feel both a little sad and happy.

This too shall pass.

It’s almost three months since I had my accident and on most days, where I'm alone at home, I sit and wonder what would I be doing if I didn’t have the accident? Where would I be? 

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