Life Lately: Knee (re)cap

So this is a photo of my post-op x-ray taken last week when I had my follow up check up.

I am currently still on sick leave and as much as I miss going to work, I have to prioritize getting well before I go back. A part of me feels terrible to not be working but I can't punish myself with frequent thoughts of discomfort because I have no control over the speed of my progress.

The x-ray taken above is an indication that my patella is healed (thank goodness!) and I have about two to three more months of rest before I return to work. I say two to three months because I have a scheduled operation again on July for the removal of the wire that you see. As much as I dread the thought of having an operation again, I just cannot wait for it to be done because having a wire on my knee is really an inconvenience on my part having to feel it under my skin and experiencing a tinge of sensitivity to it from time to time.

I still go to therapy once a week and I'm not limping anymore. I can walk like a normal person now (only with slower pace). I still need to work on my leg muscles because it tends to be painful during leg exercises and I can't use both legs to go up or down the stairs yet.

Anyway, slow progress is better than none.

love, yaniee

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  1. Knee pain affects persons of all age and lifestyle, from the old and frail to the young and active, it is a problem that does not discriminate. kniepijn


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