It's okay, don't rush.

When I was 20, I thought I'd have my whole life figured out at 25. I thought I'd be married to the love of my life at 28. I thought I'd have my own family, and living the life at 30.

Little did I know I would not have any of those coming true 10 years later. But growing up, I realized along the way, that while you have plans of your own, life will surprise you with something better: His plans.

When I was 21, I remembered questioning myself a lot of whys and whens. Why don't I have a job? Why am I stuck in this situation always? When will I have a job? When will I finally start living independently? It was a recurring cycle. My younger self would try to be hard on herself, butchering her mind with thoughts of how life seems to go slow on her. She wanted to actually start living. 

Was I not living, back then? You may ask. I don't know. Maybe, I had this notion that living would mean getting a job, paying your own bills, creating and starting a family of your own. But what does "living" really mean?

I used to compare myself to others. How they had it better, and how they seem to have it all figured out at a young age. What about me? When will I have it all figured out for myself? Why do I feel like my life is going nowhere? Until one friend made a remark that suddenly put some light into my perception and made me feel really stupid for not even realizing it myself:

"All of us aren't taking the same path in life. We don't have the same fate with regards to how our life is going to be. Your one friend may seem happily working on her dream job right now. Your other friend is confused if he or she took the right course - and is now considering on taking a different one. It's okay to have things not figured out."

Take note I was 21 during that time. And that hit me hard. It made me realize that it's not fair to ourselves if we keep on comparing our journey and battles to others. We don't deserve to make ourselves feel like we are being left behind a certain norm that society seems to pressure us to get into. I realized that it doesn't matter if life seems to be "slow" but what is important is to live each day, with gratitude and hope that one day, things will work out the way you want them to. That is why I never felt the need to feel such pressure.

Recently, I got asked by a friend with regards to how I feel whenever I see people my age and how they are with their lives right now. And I was just nonchalant about it. So what if everyone is getting engaged, or married? So what if every person my age are having kids of their own? I am not going to give in to these constraints just because society expects me to. All I want right now is to work, and be able to go to places that I really want to go. If along the path that I take, I may meet someone and would somehow either make the path or break it, and would make me take a different route? Then good. But if I also won't meet anyone along the way, it does not matter. Because guess who's not stopping in chasing her dreams and living her life?

Not me.

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