One last promise.

Almost 6 months after I broke my kneecap, I got operated again last Tuesday, July 17, for the removal of the metal wire on my knee. I am so relieved my bones healed and finally got the wires removed. It felt like a smooth process I didn't expect it to be that fast.

We were asked to come to the hospital at 7 AM so I actually waited the whole day to be operated. It was 15 minutes past 7 PM when the night shift nurse was doing her rounds in our room and then she got a call (from the OR) and she asked me to change my clothes to be ready. A minute after I got changed, someone was already waiting to take me to the OR. I hurriedly sent a message to tell my mom and then we left.

They first brought me to a room (not the operating room yet) to give me an IV line, and took my vitals and... as much as possible, I tried to be aware of what they do to me before I finally pass out because of the anesthesia but all I had were vague memories this time. When did they bring me to the OR exactly? I had a memory of someone telling me to transfer to another bed, was that real? Did that happen awhile ago or did that memory happened last January? I was so confused.

Next thing I knew, I found myself waking up, looking around and seeing a clock. It was past 8 PM. So... is the operation done? I touched my leg and it was wrapped in an elastic bandage. I even tried to put my fingers inside to see if I could feel a gauze to confirm that it's over but I unfortunately can't reach it. Lol. Until I heard the word "recovery room" from the two nurses talking. That was the confirmation I needed that it's over so when the nurse went to check on me again, I asked her how long the surgery took. 18 minutes - oh okay it was fast, huh? I went back to rest and when I woke up at 11 the nurse told me they will bring me back to my room.

Two days post-op and I was already allowed to go home yesterday, July 19, which made me so happy. This is my current wound situation right now. I have to wear a bandage to control my leg movement since I am again not allowed to bend my leg all the way because of the stitches. I think I'll just have to wait until the wound heals and then I can go back to work. Finally. I know I have to still be extra careful and I promised to myself, that will be the last time I enter the OR as a patient. Ever.

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