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Today I thought of sharing with you my favorite go-to nude lipsticks. I'm not really a bold or dark lip color kind of girl because I think those would make me look intimidating and wearing them doesn't help "tame" how I look since my eyes tend to come out strong. So, I opt to wear nude ones. Whenever I decide to buy a lippie, I always choose nudes. So if any of you decides to give me anything make-up related, just send me nudes. 

This has been a favorite for a year but it's matte and it's a problem for my dry lips. Lol. I really like this color and I often get compliments or get asked about it whenever I wear it.

This was my first lip product from NYX and I love it! It's creamy and I think I used this too much that I told myself I need to buy another nude lipstick and I did.

I either use Ruffle Trim or this one - Stockholm, whenever I go out of the house. 
These two are definitely my go-to!

To be honest, I rarely use this because I think this shade is too light for me. It makes me look pale so what I do is I mix it with the darker one that I bought from the same line.

I seldom use this because I find it a bit dark for my liking. Also, what makes me not grab this as an everyday lipstick is that it stood by its name - IT SUPER STAYS. Which is amazing. I always find this hard to remove and this is perfect when you don't want to retouch often.

Swatched them again just in case it you can't see any difference on the photos I posted. Lol. 

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