Summer in Hallstatt

No wonder Hallstatt is considered to be one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria because this village is indeed charming in every corner. This is located in Upper Austria, about 2 hours away from Salzburg. My friend Tricia and I were ready to commute going there last Sunday but we were lucky that we got invited if we wanted to hitch with someone who's also on her way there. In less than two hours of travel by car, we reached our destination.

Basically, the whole town is surrounded by a lake and when you commute, you have to ride a ferry going to the famous picturesque village. In our case, we didn't ride one because our new friend dropped us off the village exactly.

The rumors are indeed true. Every thing in this village - from the houses, restaurants, shops were stunning and is flocking with tourists. It has less than a thousand inhabitants at an area of 59 km so you can basically see everything within a day or two. Still, even with those crowds, the place didn't fail to leave us in awe. Just by staring by the lake, is calming enough and you can even go find a shade somewhere, sit back and enjoy the view. Which is what we did. 

I know this view is very popular whenever you search for Hallstatt on the internet so here is my photo contribution. Hahaha. I was taking video clips as we were going around but I realized I didn't have enough to show you how beautiful this place is. Nevertheless, I tried to put it all together in one video. Hope you enjoyed seeing my photos as much as I did when I took them.

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