Austrian National Library

I used to just see this place on Instagram and last February, when my friend Dindin from UK went to Vienna and dropped by this place, I knew I HAD to go and visit. So last September, I really made sure to go to Austria's biggest library.

During my elementary years, I grew up spending my recesses inside the library so just imagine my inner self rejoicing upon seeing a million books. And can you imagine my reaction when I saw an old card catalog?! I mean the last time I probably used it was when I was 12. Haha. This library is so stunning and breathtaking! Look at those infrastructures - it kind of looks like a church too. Lol. 

Since this is a tourist attraction in Vienna, you pay 8 euros before entering. And I remember before going inside, the man at the door told me something in English and he did it so fast in his German accent that I answered back "Bitte?" (meaning: Pardon?) Then he realized I spoke to him in German so he repeated what he said, this time in German, talking so fast which made it worse because I didn't understand everything except the last part which (I assumed) he said "no flash photography allowed inside" Hahaha.

We are not allowed to touch the books. We are only allowed to look at them. I also wished we got to roam around the second floor but unfortunately, it wasn't possible. This is not just a library by the way, but also a small museum with various display of ancient writings, historic maps, globe museum, and papyrus and incunabula collections.

Definitely a place you must visit when you go to Vienna.

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