Vienna, Austria

Military History Museum

Spent my weekend in Vienna and last November 25, my friends and I decided to visit the military museum. The Vienna Military Museum is located in the center of Arsenal, Vienna and it is the  leading museum which tells us all about the Austrian Armed Forces. 

The Feldherrenhalle at the entrance exhibits 56 figures of Austria's famous warlords and military commanders, made of Carrara marble and stood equally tall.

These frescos are made to immortalize some of the notable battles in military history.

Turkish state tent and the mortar of Belgrade in front of it.

In this car, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sophie were assassinated in Saravejo on June 28, 1914. This event directly triggered the World War I.

We didn't take the guided tour when we went here because we prefer to read stuff ourselves while roaming around at our own pace. Entrance fee in the museum is 6 euros and you pay an additional 2 euros if you want to take photos or videos. This museum trip is very interesting and we didn't even noticed we've spent almost 3 hours here. My friends and I were just mostly on our own and too preoccupied with the things that we saw. Seeing 500 years of Austrian and European history in those collections, we were just amazed at how they were well preserved up to this date.

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