Photo blog: Porto Day 2 & a few Harry Potter references.

Photo blog: Porto, Portugal (Day 1)

At first, I didn't want to go to Portugal. But with my friend Iraine convincing me to visit this city, I finally gave in and gave it a try. 

Delicious (ra)men.

I found out about this ramen place just last month when Camie and Inky went here in Salzburg and because the past few days I've been craving for ramen, I went back there awhile ago. I really love the ambiance of the place and the fact that it's actually a 6 to 8 minute walk from where I live?! Well, shit. Lol.

Things you probably don't know about Oktoberfest.

Ein und dreißig.

Siquijor: Where We Stayed

This is my answer.

Do you want to get married?

Singapore Vlog

Hamburg Photo Blog: Day 8

Last days in Hamburg. Ending my January vacation showing you photos of Germany's third largest city.

Photo blog: Quedlinburg (Day 5-7)

Quedlinburg is one of UNESCO's heritage sites because it has a rare combination of ancient, medieval and modern historical places. Today, it is one of Europe's best preserved renaissance town.

Hamburg Vlog

Here's a full video of my entire stay in Hamburg. Enjoy! x

Hamburg Day 4: Treppenviertel

On our third day, Raine and I went to Treppenviertel which is basically an area in Blankenese known for its winding alleys, and you can roam around the area by walking through a lot of stairs. There are a lot of pretty "small" mansions, villas and river views which is somewhat postcard perfect.

Hamburg Day 2 & 3

Hamburg Day 1

Okay I know this (photo) blog is super late because y’all know I didn’t have a laptop and was putting off the chances of buying one but I finally, finally gave in and bought one and I am SO glad I did because now, I can go back to blogging. Man, I really miss this.

SO. Here are a few photos and some narratives about my Hamburg vacation last January.

Watch List II: Series

So sorry that I’ve been feeding this blog with just words and a photo. I wasn’t able to do a photodump of my trip in Hamburg - yet. And it is because I refuse to buy my stubborn self a new laptop. I don’t know what’s stopping me but I just feel like I’m okay without one. 

Now, allow me to do a watch list a.k.a. new (well, not really) series that I’ve watched and am watching. 

March Playlist

You probably already know that Spotify issues playlists for every zodiac sign with songs that reflect that sign’s reading for each month. 

Life Update

Hamburg, Germany

Hello from Hamburg! I was allowed to have a three week vacation and I thought of spending a week to visit my friend Raine who lives here at Hamburg. I’m already on my 4th day here and we’re taking it slow mainly because the weather here in Hamburg during winter is basically all gloomy and wet. In short, ugly. 

BUT Hamburg is beautiful and since it is Germany’s second largest city, there is definitely a lot to see! I can’t wait to further explore this and tell you guys about it. 

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