March Playlist

You probably already know that Spotify issues playlists for every zodiac sign with songs that reflect that sign’s reading for each month. 

So I tried listening to Virgo’s playlist. I would just usually let it play on loop and wait until there’s a certain song or lyric that will make me stop with whatever I’m doing. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

 Say So - Pj Morton ft. Jojo
”It’s just that I feel I’m falling deep and I don’t wanna fall unless you’re falling with me.”

Talk - Khalid, Disclosure
“Oh you’ve been dreamin’ ‘bout it and I’m what you want so stop thinkin’ ‘bout it.”

If You Ever - Nao ft. 6LACK
“If you find you ever change your mind would you like to go with me?”

Hold On To Me - Kyle Dion
“Baby I don’t want your love. Baby I still want you love.”

Sumwrong - Level Kali 
“It’s so easy to see, it’s so easy to cry, it’s so easy to leave. But baby I’m by your side.”

Stay Tru - Mereba
“Don’t play me like a fiddle, keep another love with me up in the middle.”

I Want You Around - Snoh Aalegra
“I swear it’s hard to keep these feelings to myself. Now, you’re the one I’m thinking of, my higher ground, my rocket love.”

Honesty - Pink Sweater
“Thinking is all wrong, love will happen when it wants, I know it hurts sometimes but don’t let go.”

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