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So sorry that I’ve been feeding this blog with just words and a photo. I wasn’t able to do a photodump of my trip in Hamburg - yet. And it is because I refuse to buy my stubborn self a new laptop. I don’t know what’s stopping me but I just feel like I’m okay without one. 

Now, allow me to do a watch list a.k.a. new (well, not really) series that I’ve watched and am watching. 

Dark Series - I love this series so freaking much because (1) it is in german with english subtitles (2) it’s about time travel and our dimensions.

You - This isn’t hard to love. I finished watching the entire season in 3-4 days, maybe? I can’t help but get so hooked with this. Although, it has its share of discussions in the internet how some audience tend to glorify stalking tendencies as long as the stalker is as hot as Joe, (wow so many “as” in a sentence congrats to my syntax) I believe it taught us a few things: to never confuse “being a creep” for romance and then call it “love”.  That’s scary. 

Killing Eve - Damn it. I love Jodie Comer! Not  because her character’s name is almost similar to mine (haha i’m so shallow) but she is incredible and a very effective non-chalant psycopath. LOVE!!! (Sorry not hyping up the psycopath part but her ACTING is amazing!) 

This Is Us - Season 4 is near and I’m still on Season 1, Episode 10. Three people recommended this to me and so far I’m loving it. I know this series gets better but I’m really taking my time to watch this. 

Sherlock Holmes - Still on Season 3, Episode 3. Fun fact: I used to read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books when I was in elementary and I remember so well being excited whenever I’m at the part where Sherlock discovers everything and the truth unfolds about a case he solves. I still feel it whenever I watch this series. 

The OA - SEASON 2!!! Yes it warrants exclamation points lol because I loved season 1 so much and I still have yet to find time to watch this and be really focused when I do. 

Discovery of Witches - I’m just really curious how this show is and I heard it’s also good. So I can’t wait to find out for myself. 

So yeah this is my life. Haha. Anything else to recommend? Message me please love you

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