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Hamburg Photo Blog: Day 8

Last days in Hamburg. Ending my January vacation showing you photos of Germany's third largest city.

Photo blog: Quedlinburg (Day 5-7)

Quedlinburg is one of UNESCO's heritage sites because it has a rare combination of ancient, medieval and modern historical places. Today, it is one of Europe's best preserved renaissance town.

Hamburg Vlog

Here's a full video of my entire stay in Hamburg. Enjoy! x

Hamburg Day 4: Treppenviertel

On our third day, Raine and I went to Treppenviertel which is basically an area in Blankenese known for its winding alleys, and you can roam around the area by walking through a lot of stairs. There are a lot of pretty "small" mansions, villas and river views which is somewhat postcard perfect.

Hamburg Day 2 & 3

Hamburg Day 1

Okay I know this (photo) blog is super late because y’all know I didn’t have a laptop and was putting off the chances of buying one but I finally, finally gave in and bought one and I am SO glad I did because now, I can go back to blogging. Man, I really miss this.

SO. Here are a few photos and some narratives about my Hamburg vacation last January.

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