Hamburg Day 1

Okay I know this (photo) blog is super late because y’all know I didn’t have a laptop and was putting off the chances of buying one but I finally, finally gave in and bought one and I am SO glad I did because now, I can go back to blogging. Man, I really miss this.

SO. Here are a few photos and some narratives about my Hamburg vacation last January.

It was already late when I arrived in Hamburg, and my friend Raine and I visited this posh bar which is called Le Lion at Rathausstrasse 3. It was a pretty chill place and I got to taste their famous guava cocktail drink. Lol kidding. It’s called gin basil smash and it definitely tastes like guava. 

The morning after, we went to Bona’me, a Mediterranean restaurant which offers really good brunches and we ordered their bona’me breakfast plate which was delicious! After that, we went to the city centre, bought a few stuff, had dinner and later that night, we went out to have some cocktails at 20UP Skyline Bar.

Then, we went to stroll at St. Pauli's district - Reeperbahn which is Hamburg's entertainment street. 

Here's a photo of me and Raine, 4 AM, at the subway station. I love our drunk/sleepy-but-can-still-smile faces. Lol

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