Hamburg Day 2 & 3

My second and third day in Hamburg basically involved a lot of train rides and walking. We went to Jungfernstieg (Jungfern = maiden/single lady); Stieg = stair/walkway) and back in the day, it was said that people bring their daughters there to look for a potential groom. 

Hamburg's Rathaus or Town Hall.

In betweens, we went to a mall to grab lunch, and to be honest, it was a slow and lazy day for us because it kind of rained that day and I was just too tired to give a damn lol

Then, we had dinner at a Korean restaurant, went home and decided to wake up early the next day.

Here we are having coffee.

This is Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world.

As you can see, it was a really gloomy day which is how Hamburg is, normally. Nevertheless, I loved how I saw a lot of things this and thankful for Raine for taking me around.

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