Delicious (ra)men.

I found out about this ramen place just last month when Camie and Inky went here in Salzburg and because the past few days I've been craving for ramen, I went back there awhile ago. I really love the ambiance of the place and the fact that it's actually a 6 to 8 minute walk from where I live?! Well, shit. Lol.

 I ordered the Tan Tan Men (again) - noodles with ground pork in creamy broth with chili oil, peanut butter, and sesame paste. I can't get over the fact that its taste kept lingering in my mouth lol 


My friend ordered Hokkaido Ramen Miso which tastes wonderfully as well.

Now that the colder days are coming, I will definitely keep coming back to this place.

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