Sleep Less.

I was never a morning person for as long as I can remember. I usually like to stay up late, think about stuff and oftentimes, find myself "productive" by doing so. My mind really works wonders during the wee hours and I can endlessly think of the things I can do when time permits.

For the past few months, I've been having trouble sleeping and I think it's because of what's currently happening around us. I would scroll through my twitter, and this will give me the anxiety and then I would think of things that wouldn't directly affect me but worries me because of the privilege I'm in. Imagine, it took almost half a year to try to update this blog because I can't muster enough strength to do so.

Now, all I wanna do, is a lot of things at the same time. Like listening to podcasts, and imagining myself to also be in a podcast even though I know I might get all shy and not be able to express myself much because I'm not a vocal person hence this blog (lol), wanting to shoot a sit down video for youtube, go batshit crazy over buying online stuff (which by the way is addicting), wanting to watch a LOT of series, starting to educate myself further about sustainable fashion - because that's what i've been obsessed on buying, wanting to finish a book,  and a whole lot more.

I've also subscribed to Sleep Meditation podcasts on Spotify, and been unconsciously overworking myself just so I can "sleep better". I know the latter is a bad solution because I shouldn't even count it as sleeping better because my body doesn't totally feel "rested" during sleep at all.

Oh well. I guess we all gotta try to stay sane one way or another.

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