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Hi! My name is Yaniee, born and raised in the Philippines and currently living in Salzburg, Austria since 2014.

I like to think I'm an ambivert. I enjoy my time alone where I can dwell with my thoughts, and write about them. At the same time, I also seek for the company of my friends, try to get a little bit crazy and have fun.

Let me tell you a little secret: I'm a lot cooler on the internet. 

I love pizza. 

I enjoy smelling books. 

Looking at pretty pictures inspire me.

Discovering new and clever words excite me.

I also like handwritten letters, and good coffee.

I curse a lot. Even when it is unnecessary.

Sweetness is my weakness.

I suck at trying to be cool (that is why I don't try to be)

I sometimes hold back the things I feel and won't say them, but will be willing to put it in words. That is how I can express more of what I feel. I have always found myself to have a penchant in writing down my thoughts, and share them through a blog. I started to post random musings in Multiply since 2007, and moved to Tumblr in 2010. Then moved here in Blogspot last 2012, but had to inevitably stop because more important stuff in my life had to come in between. I stopped blogging for a year and now, here I am again, with a new one, promising myself to do better, giving it another shot.

I hope I can keep up.

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